Support for Ukraine

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As the massive wave of displaced Ukranian people swells to hundred of thousands and soon millions, Encompass World Partners is connecting with local churches and networks in Ukraine, Poland, other bordering countries, and into central and western Europe to equip the Church to play its part in what has become the largest people movement since WW1.

Your gift to Encompass’ Refugee Relief fund will provide supplies – such as food, warm clothing, shoes, space heaters, mattresses, hygiene supplies and other essentials – to those who suddenly find themselves in need of virtually everything.

Serving as the Church, Encompass is focusing on caring for these people’s spiritual and emotional needs as well. For some, this may be the first opportunity they have to encounter Jesus followers. Pray that in Him they find peace in the midst of the chaos and trauma they are experiencing.

Renew Church has made a donation to the Refugee Relief Fund. If you would like to consider joining us in caring for those impacted by this war, please go to: