Message: “A Table for Two” from Pastor Bartley Sawatsky


Pastor Andrew Wood - January 31, 2021

Perfect Love Produces Unity

Pastor Andrew Wood concludes our series, Younity: Unity Starts With You, when he talks through the challenge of maintaining holiness and love to create unity.

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

From Series: "Younity"

Take a quick scroll through your social media or news feeds, and you’re bound to notice the growing division taking place in our culture. Issues related to politics, COVID-19, racism, cancel culture and many more seem to be pulling us further and further apart. How can we bridge the gaps, heal wounds and come together? As a follower of Jesus, it starts with you – committing to focus on Christ and to seek unity in our time and place. Join us as we examine how we can follow Christ’s calling on the church to live as one.

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