Message: “A Table for Two” from Pastor Bartley Sawatsky


Pastor Bartley Sawatsky - August 30, 2020

Renew Culture: Scripture & Awareness.

In our second week in our series, Renew Culture, Lead Pastor Bartley Sawatsky focuses in on two more values that shape the ministry of our church: Scripture and Awareness.

Scripture References: Matthew 5:14-16, Mark 2:15-16, 2 Timothy 3:16

From Series: "Renew Culture"

We're Christians—so we believe in Jesus, right? Of course! But every church has its own distinct flavour, and at Renew, there are some specific values that we hold dear that help create the culture of our church family. Join us for this important series as Pastor Bartley breaks down some values that really define us as a church. This week he will be speaking about Scripture and Awareness.

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