110% Campaign

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We are calling on everyone who calls Renew their church family to pull together and to invest a little more this year as we recover from the effects of the pandemic. We want you to commit 110%! Now, we know that doesn't really make mathematical sense, but if you've ever watched a pre- or post-game interview in a sporting event you know what we mean. It's the idea to go above and beyond. There are 4 key areas we would like to pray about and consider where you could give 110%:

  1. Communion: drawing closer to God in personal prayer and praise
  2. Connection: committing to being together, e.g. church services, Renew Groups, other hospitality, etc.
  3. Collaboration: committing to serving so that many hands make light work
  4. Contribution: for those who are able, give 10% more than last year

Not everyone will be able to commit to all 4 of the commitments, but we ask everyone to consider all 4 areas and to commit where you feel so led. Once you have decided, we would like you to take a step to affirm your commitment by submitting the following form:

Count me in, 110%!

Here are a few ways you can take action now to follow through on your commitment — just choose a link below:
If you have a question, are interested in joining one of our classes, or would like one of our pastors to follow up with you, click here to go to our online Connect Card.
We look forward in great anticipation to what God has in store for His church!
To learn more about our 110% campaign, check out our Vision Sunday message from Pastor Bartley Sawatsky:

... And, just for fun: