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Father’s Day – Sunday, June 21, 2020

This past Father's Day, Renew Church presented the first ever “Top Pops” Awards by livestream. Families nominated their dads for unique awards in a variety of categories. You can view the full livestream or read all of the awards submissions below:

And the award goes to...

Adventurous POPS

Pop's name: Nominated by: Award:
Johnny Marsala Donna Marsala Loving

Even when he had his kidney transplant, he still wanted to take his son Johnny fishing out on the boat
Bret Deffenbaugh Austen Jensen Most likely to be found “off-roading” in his Jeep in the Rockies

He taught me to be brave and step forward into whatever adventure Jesus has for me!
Clinton Bauman Annaka, Bennett, Emberlynn, Edith Bauman Spice King

"He loves spices and loves to eat them and cook with them"-Emberlynn
"He can eat spicier food than me"-Bennett
"He can eat spicy food even without any water"-Edy
"He can make great chicken curry and can surprise people with how much spice he can handle. He cooks the best spicy food and eats the most spicy food!" -Annaka
Victor Ng Tristan and Hayden Ng Always ready for an adventure

He always takes us for bike rides and hikes and cuddles us.
Mark Zhou HeeJin Zhou Fun Guy Award

Apart from his passion for feeding others, Mark puts 110% when it comes to planning adventures for the family. He makes sure that every dollar and time spent was well worth it!

Thank you baby for being the best dad to Kaleb and showing your love for us through spending quality time together.
Eric Ting Brandon and Jaime Ting Trailblazer Award

Eric is most commonly known for his desire to blaze new trails and find fresh adventures. He prides in his early morning strolls where he goes out into nature, seeking new creatures, trees and other extraordinary phenomena. On many occasions, he has demonstrated a oneness with nature hitherto undreamt of. With his keen ears, he is able to identify fowls and their primeval locations in an instant.

Don't be fooled. Eric is one to take other members of his tribe on his adventures. Those he keeps close to his bosom have the delightful pleasure of joining him in surveying new lands.
Mathieu Fugere Zack Adventurous/spontaneous

Because he came and hiked parts of the Appalachian trail with me twice, was always down to surf while we were in Costa Rica, and always wants to go on longboard rides with his kids.


Pop's name: Nominated by: Award:
Rob Wood Hilda Wood Genuinely caring & passionate

Even though I could have selected Rob for multiple categories including sporty and handy, I select sentimental pops. Rob is a deep feeler and thinker. From day one, when each of his kids was born, he was in awe. To this day, Rob can not throw away any greeting cards, gifts, clothes with a memory - hiding them from me in a special place so I can't throw them out. He has saved each of our kid's sports uniforms, any special school announcement, and on and on. Rob's children are his pride and joy and now with Winona he's become a more blubbering mess! His genuine love, passion, and how proud he is for his kids oozes out. Rob will do anything to help out his children, even when it comes to sacrificing something that he wanted to do.
Steve Mainguy Alexa Mainguy, Alyson Mainguy, Tyler Mainguy The Empty Tear Ducts Award

Did he watch a sappy commercial? A touching sermon, perhaps? Maybe he got to meet your baby. If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Steve's crying. He's got a huge heart, and he wears it on his sleeve (which most of you will know, if you've seen him crying along to the Sermon at church. At this point, we're unsure as to who's cried more - Steve or Bartley.)

He's is a rock for his family - whether it's us, his extended family, or his church family. Dad, we're so proud to call you Steve. We love you so much.
Nathan Bryant Donna Marsala Awesome Father

He's a great dad, even when he is away he always calls the boys, even to play games over the phone.
David Jensen Austen Jensen Absolute, hands down, by far, best POP-in-law a girl could ask for!

Always supportive, always loving, and gives me tons of hope for the mature, normal man Erik could one day grow to be!
Bartley Sawatsky Maggy Laton Best Campus Pastor

Best Renew Campus Pastor, a great teacher, and an author of a 5-star book. Accomplished church-planter, visionary and devoted pastor of 23 years.
Derek Hounsell Stephanie, Lily and Ivy Hounsell Dad/husband of integrity award

Derek/Dad is such a man of character. He always tries to do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. He puts 100 percent into being a great husband and dad. He leads by example, showing his family what it means to live for God. He also makes the worst dad jokes and proudly wears socks with flip flops. In addition, our dad should win the “dad who looks most like his avatar” award. (See accompanying photo, hopefully!)
Barry Wilkins Diana Harris Always there for me

A few years ago when my third child was born i was having a tough time. My dad drove 5 hours to come see if i was ok, gave me a hug and told me everything is going to be ok. Thanks dad for always being there, showing what a father's love is. You are a great man and we love you very much.
Matthew Sokol Emily, Nate, Elliot and Julian All around great dad

Our dad deserves this award because he is the best story-teller, sushi buyer, meat cooker, guitar player, park taker, movie watcher, lego builder, smoothie maker, and game player.
Junior Santos Jarinca. Josh, Nicky. María Tear Jerker

He struggles to find the right words sometimes but when he finds them he usually makes you cry cause they’re so sweet and genuine! He’s great at expressing himself through his music and we couldn’t be prouder!


Pop's name: Nominated by: Award:
Stanley Buchanan Stan "The Family Man" Buchananan Stan "The Family Man" Buchananan

This award goes to someone we think about every day - Barb's dad and our grandpa, Stanley Vernon Buchanan. Everything we know about family is rooted in him, and is carried on through his entire family. We know he's enjoying heaven - rejoining with old friends, finally getting answers to his scriptural questions... and also, no limit on ice cream.

We love you, and we miss you.

funny pops

Pop's name: Nominated by: Award:
Amith Mathew Rebecca & Olivia Super funny

My dad is very funny. We love to play games with him esp monopoly, mariocart and the tickle monster. He teaches us a lot about space and gets us books to read on it. He is very kind and an amazing dad.
Usly Alexander Gonzalez Carolina, Catherina, Sebastian, Sofia and Mateo Best Dancer, entertainer and dressed.

Alex is the best dad because he is real. He shows the kids that he needs Jesus more than anything, he is always willing to admit his mistakes and ask for forgiveness. The kids and I are truly blessed through him.
Gord Gooding Gabriel and Jesse (and October) Never Too Old to Play, and Learn as You Do

Proudly wears "Square Wear" (Spongebob Squarepants shirts and socks), likening Spongebob's consistent joy and friendliness to Christian behaviour and Squidward's grumpiness and general dissatisfaction with those who haven't yet discovered the joy of Christ.
A dad who finds a lesson in everything, and loves to teach kids his wisdom in fun and creative ways.
Tickle attacks, marshmallow canons, silly string battles, and pool noodle jousting keep the house lively.
Len Hiebert Irene Hiebert Popular Grandpop!

Len gives so much love and care to our family! Always helping out, and playing and goofing around with the grandsons! His dedication makes him such an amazing Dad and Grandpa! Len has gifted our family with a legacy of love, and we hope this love comes back to him a hundred times over today!
Ivan Sabourin Jennifer Sabourin Funniest and Biggest heart

Ivan has a huge heart and is always willing to help not just our daughter or myself but anyone
At anytime.

And the funniest pop because after 30 years of
Marriage he still makes me laugh daily!

Love you Ivan
Dave Fulford Henry and Iver Best Daddy Ever
Dave Fulford Gloria and Elgin The best kind of riot... a laugh riot
Erik Jensen Austen Jensen Most likely to publicly humiliate his family by bursting into song.

He has never been in a store without singing along to the songs on the loud speaker. Most times he also dances.
Geoffrey hardy Madison and William Funniest grandfather

He is probably one of the most funniest grandfathers I have ever met. For my birthday he even sent me a joke book and my dad knew that it was papa's part of the gift.
Mike Amaral Liam, Ben, Jeremy Amaral The Dad Joke Award

Our dad is able to say the same Dad joke Over and over and every time it is still funny. The joke its self isn’t funny anymore but our dad still is and will always make us laugh no matter how many times he says the same silly things.
Serge Pepin Allie, Amelia,Lillian, William , Oliver pepin & Tristan and Hayden Ng Best papa Ever!!

For his endless supply of dad jokes, French tutoring abilities, handy man skills, chauffeuring talents and always ensuring every single one of his gang of grand kids is safe, happy and loved.
Chuck Sawatsky Bartley Sawatsky Energy Pops

My dad has always brought energy and life to the people around him. He was always the first to step up and get involved, whether it was doing things at church or coaching hockey. He has always been hardworking and active and has set a great example for me and my brothers to follow. We didn't like it when he used to make up work just to have an excuse get us out of bed on Saturday mornings, but as adults we can appreciate his thinking. Just a few years back my dad (in his 70's) built his own house and then last year added on a garage. He continues to lead Bible studies, drive a shuttle, and play sports like curling and golf. I hope that my faith is as strong and my body as resilient when I am his age. I love you, Dad!
Patrick Miller Nathaniel, Kierra, Keyana Laugh until your belly bust award.

He deserves this award because he is a nice person to be around and very funny.
Ivan Sabourin Elizabeth Sabourin Worst Jokes

His bad puns can't be beat.
Jeff powell Ryan and Charlotte powell Best cook and most fun

Our dad is amazing. He always takes us out for bike rides or walks. Takes us swimming alot in the summer. Ryan says that dad always makes the best homemade chocolate chip pancakes and Charlotte says he makes the best lasagna. We love to make things with dad and he is always teaching us to cook. We love you dad.
Terry McDonald Delia, Alana, Julia The most stellar stache

For the dad who's rocked the same mustache since the 80's. A good physical representation of his loyalty and consistency as a father.
Sheldon Pepin Amelia , Allie and lily pepin best dad

He’s funny and loves to spend time with us. He also rocks the dad jokes just like his dad. Also anyone whose lives in a house with 3 girls with a total of 14 years of teenager living in the house deserves an award!
Bartley Sawatsky Jakob Sawatsky 24/7 Dad Jokes

My pop is quite the conversationalist... he loves to spend quality time with others and always knows when to throw in a nauseating dad joke. Just kidding dad... I’m the only one who ever truly gets them and I love ya!
Mathieu Fugere Zack & Emily

The Michael Scott kind of awkward award
Dad jokes that aren’t funny

Zack: I'm sure you guys have awkward stories that you could share of my dad😉

Emily: Because he makes so many dad jokes all the time which no one laughs at

Nathan Bryant Isaiah Bryant The "Jack Astors" award

Thank you, dad, for taking us to Jack Astors at 3:20 PM even as we told you we weren't hungry. Thank you for the determination, despite our bargaining to go to a different Jack Astors to pad time, to go to that one, specific Jack Astors. Thank you for confusing the wait staff, who weren't expecting to see a family come through the doors at 3:20 PM on a school day. Thank you for giving us a memory that will never fade. Love you, dad.

HANDY pops

Pop's name: Nominated by: Award:
Jorge Ayala Eric & Sofia Making it Happen

No matter what it is that needs done, fixed, or created...Dad would say “Yes, I can do it”. From fixing a broken toy, renovating any home project, to creating LEGO people for Renew’s Faith Factory Easter event, it can ALWAYS be done. His hard work, determination, and perseverance is teaching us to never give up!
Francois Benard Katelyn, Michael and Celia Barnard Best Treehouse Award

our dad gets this award because he built us a tree house. That has 2 floors and is 7 feet tall and he did it all by himself .
We LOve you Dad!
Aaron Harris Ethan Harris Good Worker

He does alot around the house.
Ryan Duffy Rylee & Christine Duffy Building my new ikea bed

My Daddy and I worked together to build my new, ikea bed. He is always teaching my all kinds of things!
Nathan Buhler Zane, Kaj and Judah Teaching his kids to build cool stuff award

He helps us to rebuild our lego when it breaks and lets us use his tools to build lots of cool stuff like these chairs.
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Stanley Brooks Donna Brooks Handy Pop

Our Dad has passed away. However, he use to work at Simpson Department Store downtown as a in-house Carpenter. He worked on the construction of the Christmas windows every year which Shoppers looked forward to seeing!

As part of our childhood we would have one trip Downtown on a Saturday afternoons to see the windows. We were so proud of him!
Warren Weir Arianna, Anissa & Austin Weir Mr. Fix It Award

He is caring, nice and smart. He always knows how to fix a problem. He is very good with devices and when it comes to work he is determined to get it done.
Robert Wood Stephanie Wood & Tim Wood Rob-the-Builder... He Can Fix it! and Jack of All Trades Award

Pops is always there to fix, build, give advise, or just help out with any projects. Always has at least double of every tool to lend out, or buys a second one just to give me, pretending he already had it. there is nothing the man cant do, specially to help the people around him. Should also be noted that he could also win the sentimental and cry baby award.
George Lavinia Oltean Multitalent handy dad!

My dad can pretty much do anything, so it’s pretty “handy” having him around 😉 😛
Erik Jensen Austen Jensen Has the most piles of saved scrap wood that he will never use.

He is a hoarder of everything that he “might need someday” but also buys brand new every thing he ever needs. The man has piles of junk and no money!
Tim Bentley Kimberly and Tyler Bentley Biggest Rock and Roll Lover With The Biggest Heart

My dad has taught me so much when it comes to rock and roll, and has given me so much advice to help me become the person I am today.
Steve wolf Laura wolf Handy

My dad is creative and can do so many things. Growing up he was always making something. He took photos and developed them himself and he made toys out of wood which we still have. He is always there when we need things fixing like our bikes or anything around the house. He is the best grandad with our kids. Always doing things with them in the back yard and having time with them in the hot tub. Dad you are amazing and I love you very much.
Eldon Colley (pronounced Call-ee) Raeshell Weir Supportive Pops

My Dad is the definition of "Tough Love"; always wanting to make everything a learning experience.

Thanks for being there and always going the extra mile for your family.

We love you!
Wade Rininger Emery, Ellie, Elias , and Evaleen Rininger The guy who just come in Handy!

Dad we love you and and our so happy that you are our dad! You make great cakes and design beautiful patios!
You work hard and help us whenever we need you!! You just come in handy no matter what we are doing! We love you dad

smarty pops

Pop's name: Nominated by: Award:
Norman Wilson Rachel Ayala Never Stops Studying Award

My dad has taught me so much about how much there is to learn! He has taught me that there is always something more to learn about God, people, and life in general. I’ve learned through him that realizing you don’t “know it all” keeps you humble. His example of loving others has made it easier to understand the unconditional love of my Heavenly Father!
Ryan Duffy Rylee and Christine Duffy For the Best Minecraft World Building award
Best Boggle Award

Daddy and I have a Minecraft world we are building together and he is the best. I enjoy it so much, we play Minecraft almost everyday!
Each week my teacher sends us an Boggle Assignment Game, my Daddy helps me get the best words!
Nathan Bryant Micah Bryant Most Bonding Dad

My Dad loves to hangout with us all the time, he always talks about wanting to play bored games and having a game night. My Dad also likes to play video games with me as well and we both enjoy it. My dad is very smart, smarter than i will ever be. When i need help on my math my Dad always helps me and is willing to stay up all night to help. I know My Dad deserves this award and more.
Moe Bell (aka Moe-Man, or the Moe-tivator) October Bell Jack of all Trades, Joke for all Occasions
Daddy worked a lot (he was an engineer at GM until he retired), so he wasn't home a lot. But, when he was, he took many opportunities to teach me new things.
From him, I learned to drive standard (starting on a riding lawnmower when I was 5, then his pickup truck as a teen), build a barn, shingle a roof, and change a tire. He taught me about many plants that grew wild on our property, which could be eaten and which are poisonous. He taught me how to grill a steak, how to light a camp fire or wood stove, and even when to flip a pancake.
He loves to tell jokes, and he is the original master of the dad joke. Thanks to him, all my childhood friends know why elephants paint their toenails red.
He taught me how to work and how to laugh.
Cheers, daddy!
Kevin Laton Dakota Gorin It's quiet hours award

He always knew the exact second that quiet hours would start at the GCBI house and was more than willing to let all of us know
Graham Cochran Carter Cochran Most intentional Dad

Puts thought and care into setting an example for his son and being a good role model
Stuart Montgomery Kailyn and Liam Protects People From Losing Money With Big Numbers

Our Dad is the best because he helps us do our work and he loves us. He takes us to really fun places like the Chris Hadfield park. Also, he's a good hugger and likes to play with us. Kailyn says: He makes the worst Dad jokes sometimes. Like when I get a really good mark on a test, he says only 99.5%? He can cook really good food but shh! my food is better. Liam says: he likes the fact that he plays ball and builds lego airplanes with him.

Our Dad deserves this award because he works extra hard on the computer during the day to see how often property and car accidents happen and tries financially to protect people's assets. He is excellent at trivia and draws well too. He writes a lot of exams.

We love our Dad. Happy Father's Day!!!
Gerald Tarcisius Julia Tarcisius Best all around dad

Listens to us, knows the answer to everything, gives the best tickles and hugs and makes the best oatmeal. He is also super funny and fun. He is super good at playing with us.
Marek Kowalsky Ryerson, Alyssa & Hayden Always has the answer

You can ask him anything & he will be able to answer.
William Ng Deborah & Cornelius Ng William the Work-Hard Worthy Wizard of Wonderful Warm Wisdom

Dad is an all-rounded kind of guy. He's smart, musical, handy, hard-working, funny, and loving. Thanks for everything you've done for us!
Bartley Sawatsky Emma Sawatsky The most humble musician Award

From when he played the harmonica and piano growing up to singing a little and understanding the talent behind music, my dad loves and is amazing at playing music! To playing keys in the background at church to writing his own music whenever he gets a chance, this pastor is also a musician. love you fajja
Larry Samuel Hard working

He is always working, all the time to make sure we get everything we need and goes the extra mile by helping me and my sister with our homework. He is playing /practicing baseball with me to help me before my games
Erik Russell Rebecca The go to guy for everything tech related

He’s the one everyone goes to for any tech related issues


Pop's name: Nominated by: Award:
Kevin Laton Elizabeth Reda Pop Who Works Out The Most

Kevin is the greatest GCBI Dorm Dad!! When he wasn't working at home during COVID, he could always be found in the basement gym, or coming in the front door from a run.
Jason Gervais Zach Gervais Best Baller

Can beat me in basketball only because he's taller than me.
Kevin Elijah best sports teacher

Taught me everything I know about sports and helped me get into rep soccer
Andy Hardy Geoffrey, Bret, William and Madison Most active dad

Our dad loves to play sports with all 4 of his kids. Especially, golf and hockey. He spends lots of time with all of us, Teaching us to skate, rollerblade and ride a bike. He's also very helpful, not only for his family, but with everyone he meets. He is always there for us, and never thinks of himself. That is why we love our dad.
Jalon Thomas Blair M.V.D. (Most Valuable Dad) Award

My dad is the best because he plays with me. Especially sports like baseball and basketball. We both play on baseball teams so we like to practice together. I can't wait until I'm old enough to play on the same baseball team as my dad. I would love that. Love you daddy!