Stay-home Scavenger Hunt

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Saturday, April 11, 10:00am – 11:00am


  • Below is a list of items to find and tasks to complete in your home divided into 3 categories: Find, Create, Perform
  • To be awarded points you must submit photos and/or videos using one of the following social media platforms:
  • All submissions must be received by 11:00am today
  • It is unlikely (probably impossible) to complete all of the items below in 1 hour so choose wisely!
  • Our judges will be watching social media for your participation; we will share highlights during the pre-service portion of our Sunday livestream, and winners will be announced post-service

Find and photograph the following items in your house:

  1. A food item past its expiry date (3 pts.)
  2. Coins bearing the following dates: 1998 – the date Grace Community Church launched; 2006 – the year the Village Community Church launched; 2015 – the year Renew Church formed (2 pts. each)
    • Bonus: $1 or $2 bill (3 pts.)
  1. A Halloween costume – worn by a family member standing on your front lawn (3 pts.)
  2. An outdated medium: vinyl album, audio cassette, VHS cassette, floppy disk, laser disc, original Nintendo cartridge (2 pts. each)
  3. A high school yearbook photo from an adult on your team (2 pts.)
  4. The weirdest title you can find on Netflix – keep it PG! (2 pts.)
  5. Neatest garage or the messiest garage (points to be awarded to outstanding garages)
  6. An outfit from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s worn by a team member (3 pts., bonus points awarded to teams with the best outfits)
  7. A crazy hat worn by a team member (2 pts., bonus points awarded to teams with the best hats)
  8. An artificial Christmas tree unpacked and assembled (10 pts.), + bonus points for lights or decorations

Bonus: An item bearing a Grace Community Church or Village Community Church logo (10 pts.)

Find and photograph or video record any of the following:

  1. A decorated egg – must be a real egg (5 pts.)
  2. A homemade Renew logo (5 pts.)
  3. Sock puppet (5 pts.)
  4. Easter sidewalk/driveway art (5 pts.)
  5. Best sandwich (5 pts.)

Judges will award bonus points for creativity on all of the above.

Perform any of the following tasks and submit by video:

  1. Your most creative physical distancing (5 pts.)
  2. Animal trick with your pet (5 pts.)
  3. Throwing food into someone else’s mouth: catch 3 in a row (5 pts.)
  4. Your most impressive bottle flip (5 pts.)
  5. A 30-second lip synching video (5 pts.)
  6. A video of you or someone in your family completing the sentence, “Because Jesus lives...” to be included in a montage during our Easter livestream (5 pts.)

Judges will award bonus points for creativity and/or style on all of the above.