Selfie with the Elfie

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This Christmas season Renew Church is spreading some Christmas cheer in our communities with a fun game for all ages. Think of it as an "Elf on the Shelf" scavenger hunt!

Every 2 days from Monday, December 9 to Tuesday, December 24, Renew Church will hide a 36-inch tall elf in a local business. Using social media (Facebook and Instagram), we will send out a picture clue of where the elf is hidden each morning. You're invited to show up at local businesses and take a “Selfie with the Elfie”. Post it to Instagram and tag your local Renew campus to be entered into a draw that will be held on Christmas Eve. The winner will receive a $100 gift card and will also have a donation of $100 made in their name to a local charity such as a local food bank, women’s shelter, etc.

Here are the details you need to participate at with your local Renew Campus:

Renew Meadowvale

Tag us: @renewmeadowvale

Renew Milton

Tag us: @renewmilton


Tag us: @renewmayfieldwest

Renew Cambridge

Tag us: @renewcambridge