Mom Awards

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We may not be able to take mom out for Mother’s Day this year, but that doesn't mean we can’t celebrate her in a BIG way! We invited you to submit your mom for your own unique Mom Award, and the response was incredible! Our official "awards ceremony" will be livestreamed Sunday, May 10 at 9:30am on our Facebook page and YouTube channel (you'll also be able to go back and watch the livestream again after). And below, you can read the complete list of amazing moms who were celebrated by their families and friends!

And the award goes to...

Mom's name:

Nominated by:


Althea Villaverde

Samuel and Nirele

The Most Awesome Mom in the World

Because you always take care of us. You are a great cook and baker and you always make us yummy food. Thank you for everything!

Amanda Fulford

Sarah Fulford

Strongest mom (not physically)

I would like to celebrate Amanda Fulford this Mother's Day. She is the mother to Eliana Yeshaya, who was such a wonderful blessing from the Lord. Though Amanda no longer gets to parent her little girl she is and has been an amazing mom! She is an example to me, always thanking and praising the Lord in spite of this hardship. She has continued to be a wonderful, loving aunt throughout all the heartache and is very present and helpful in the lives of her nieces and nephews. We love you Amanda

Anna Rininger

Emery Rininger

The most helpful, nice, beautiful mom award.

Because she is always helping others and is just the best and the most beautiful. Mic drop.

Ashley Thomas

Blair, Elle, Sienna

Best movie night Mom

She lets us stay up late to watch a movie with her and we have fun. Sometimes we watch some exiting movies and she loves funny movies she is the best Mom ever!

Ashton Wood

Winona Willa Wood

Matching Mom Award

My mom does hoard her style and swagger. She buys matching fits for me so we can both be Instagram models.

Austen Jensen

Beniah, Nora, and Sawyer Jensen

Most likely to cave and give us cake for dinner!

In this season of quarantine... our mom has laid aside all semblance of nutrition and embraced a new philosophy. Cake and ice cream as meal replacement!

Barb Mainguy

Tyler Mainguy, Alyson Mainguy. Alexa Mainguy

The Selfless Compassion Award

No matter how uncertain our lives were, we could always count on our Mom to love and look out for us. Whether that meant a long drive out of town for a sports tournament, or assistance on school projects that we'd left far too late, we always knew she'd drop what she was doing to help us out. Not only would she sacrifice her time for us, but she'd do it with a smile (most of the time...). Her love and compassion reached far beyond just our house. Once we moved out and left her alone with Steve, she understandably needed an escape. She then took up the role of Church Mom; caring for pastors new and old, and pouring in hours and hours to make sure that everything ran smoothly come Sunday. We love you so much Mom, and we hope that your Mother's day is as special as every day we get to spend with you.

Beatrice Dias

Isaiah and Eli Dias

Super Mom…Super Wife...Super TIRED Award.

Our mom makes it her mission every single day to make us feel special. From being there for us when we are in need to making sure we feel loved and teaching us all the important things in life.  She meets our every need from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. She really makes us feel like we come first. She makes sure we pray and spend time with the Bible every morning and end every evening in prayer.  And most importantly she make the yummiest food. She is the best cook. She is just always there for us and we love her!!!  She is a Super Mom. My dad says she is a super wife so she must be super tired and she deserves an award. So please please, please let her win!

Carolina Gonzalez

The Gonzalez Four

The Best Cook and Wise mom

Our mom makes delicious meals on daily basis and takes her time to prepare them with creativity and love. She also takes the time to give us the proper advice with our struggles. She is a bridge that God uses for our lives to continue serving and loving Jesus.

Denise Gervais

Zach Gervais


Because she cooks great food, cleans our house beautifully, plays basketball with me, watches me play Fortnite, is always there for me and does a lot of the favours I ask (doesn’t because she’s being a good parent and making learn how to take after myself)

Diana Harris

Ethan Harris

Most Healthy Mom

Because she helps us keep ourselves healthy by doing a cleanse yearly and drink Rice Milk instead of cows milk.

Diana Harris

Aaron Harris

Caring Mom

Diana takes amazing care of her whole family. She is extremely caring, loving, and kind.

Diana Harris

Ava Harris

Caring, loving and best hugs

I love my mom because she is the most caring and loving mom. She gives the best hugs

Diana Harris

Julia Harris

I nominate my Mom for best pranker award

My mom never ceases to scare me to death whether it’s on purpose or by accident I love her so much.

Donna Marsala

John Marsala

Most caring

She is most caring because, there is nothing that she won’t do for her family.

Donna Marsala

Carter Cochrane

Best local Grandma

My Grandmas don’t live near me. Mrs. Donna is THE #1 best local grandma ever.  The local grandma experience package comes with quality time, fun and games, and amazing hugs! 10/10 would hug again!

Donna Marsala

Jennifer Bryant

The most sacrificial, supportive and hardworking mother

My Mom has sacrificed so much for her family and she continues to do so. She continues to support me and help me in so many ways. I believe her love is a glimpse of what love will feel like in heaven. She is definitely God’s gift to me and I'm forever grateful to Him that He gave me her as my mother!

Doris Hardy

Andrew Hardy

Most understanding

My mom always had my back even when I didn't always deserve it. She passed away last October 19th I'd say I miss her but I feel like she's still with me. Jesus is why I  feel that way and my mom loves hearing me say that.

Eleanor Harris

Aaron Harris

Most caring loving Mom

She is always spoiling me with my favorite foods and looking after me and my family.

Eleanor Harris

Ava Harris

Most helpful

She helps us all the time.
She is also caring and loving

Eleanor Harris

Ethan Harris

Most cleaning mom in the whole world

She is always cleaning

Elizabeth Reda

Dakota Gorin

Best GCBI grandma

Went to bed at 10pm every night

Esther Chong

Deborah Ng, Cornelius Ng

Masterific Masterful Mom of Magnificent Masterpieces

Mom has done some awesome artwork in her life -- mural paintings, church decorations, Faith Factory set-pieces... She's also taught art classes for years and that has sort of turned into a ministry where she's blessed so many with the love of Christ. Everything she makes is a masterpiece!

Eva Ing

Violet Stepaniuk

Funniest and Most Caring Mom

My Mom, the late Eva Ing, is no longer with us. However, I want to nominate her in memory for the Mom's Award.  She immigrated from China as a young bride and didn't know how to speak English nor did she get the opportunity to get a good education.  However, that didn't stop her as she was always willing to adapt to new ways of doing things, learning to speak English, running a dry cleaning and laundry business with my Dad and raising 5 children (4 daughters and 1 son).  Although I didn't realize it at the time while growing up, she taught me a lot of valuable lessons including the value of family,  the value of a dollar, the value of working hard and especially the value of love.  She was always smiling and didn't mind when we took advantage of her, teasing and having fun with her.  I am submitting a picture of the time she allowed us to dress her up in a fashionable outfit made out of one of today's valuable commodities, toilet paper, at one of my daughter's bridal showers.  I miss her every day,  Love you, Mom.


Amaral family

Most honest “tell it like it is’

She is always honest. You can always count on her for a real, honest, genuine answer.

Hilda Wood

Tim Wood

The resilient award

No matter what life throws at her she keeps her head up and eyes on the goal of providing for her family, friends and loving God.

Hilda Wood

Rob Wood

Most Wise & Compassionate

She has always displayed a logical and deep insight in practical matters - Relational, Organizational & Spiritual - and has benefited from the spiritual legacy of her earthly Father who has transitioned this generationally

Hilda Wood

Stephanie Wood

The best dog mom and dog Oma

Being a great mom is already a given, but you’re love for our 4legged fur babies, always willing to babysit and spoiling them wins you this award.

Irene Hiebert, my wife and Mother of our children

Len Hiebert

Most Caring Mom

Irene, you are the best Mother and Grandmother for everything you do, above and beyond expectations, your generosity and love.  You have learned your motherly skills from your Mother and our daughters are blessed to have you as their example. 

Proverbs 31:31
"Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."

Happy Mother’s Day with all my love and thanks!

Jen Kowalsky

Ryerson, Alyssa and Hayden

Super-duper Supermom

Mom is life
Mom, mom, mom is the prettiest
With those nails
Pretty, pretty nails
And that hair so straight
Mom is my life
She always cheers me up
Turn that frown upside down
She helps with my homework
She makes dinner
She plays with me outside
And does my laundry
She is the mom of my life
She picks me up from school
And pays for our sports and food
She is the best, best, best, best mom in the world
The best

Song written by Alyssa

Jennifer Bryant

Isaiah Bryant

Most Visionary Mom

My mom pioneered the concept of going to church in pajamas, months before it was cool or widespread. Also, her Easter programs are beyond compare, and were certainly very forward-thinking. She beat Trump to the wall-building game, after all.

Jennifer Bryant

Donna Marsala


Jennifer is the PERFECT MOM, just the way she takes care of her kids, with the time to lead them, comfort them, protect them, work with them, play with them and most of all LOVE THEM. Also the way she loves other kids whether at church or in the neighborhood. She is the PERFECT MOM!

Jennifer Bryant

Micah Bryant

Most Creative Mom

Well I mean have you seen the Meadowvale campus during Easter, there is too much stuff to name for all the creative things she has done. Now I'm not trying to be those crappy mothers day cards saying "my mom is smart, creative, and loving!" I mean she is all those things, but I'm here to tell you about one of the gifts that my mom has, and that is Creativity. My mom for Easter every year makes huge displays that are cool, interactive, and of course creative. The first Easter I can remember was in the old church building, it was a long time ago, so I don't remember a lot. But I can remember the Oompa Loompas, and the candy.   (The candy was the best part). I think my favorite year was the Lego movie themed Easter. I remember the Double-Decker couch, and how my mom loved it so much. Ok enough with Easter! Well what else is there to talk about, hmm...? Oh yah I almost forgot about the awesome birthdays that my mom makes for me every year. I have to rap this up soon, so I will tell about one of my favourite birthday parties. I think it would have to be the Sponge-Bob themed birthday party. My mom made a giant crabby patty cake with little sponge bobs on them. And for the rest of my friends they got the normal sized crabby patty. I also enjoyed hanging out with friends. Well sadly I don't have enough time to share all about my mom, so I will have to cut it short. So I know that my mom will win most creative mom. That's for sure!

Jennifer Sabourin

Elizabeth Sabourin

Most Creative Mom

For having unlimited ideas and dreams. For being my sounding board and my inspiration. You never fail to amaze me and make me proud. No one deserves this more than you.

Jill Jensen

Austen Jensen

Survived Erik Jensen’s toddler to teen years

I live with Erik Jensen now, and every day my deep respect for Erik’s mother grows. The things she must have gone thru while raising him send chills down my spine, especially now that I’m raising 4 of his clones.

Joan Sawatsky

Bartley Sawatsky

The Resilience Award

My mom, Joan Sawatsky, has been the epitome of resilience. Just being married to my dad is a feat in itself, but she is also the mother of three boys. (She never had a girl to empathize with her.) Needless to say, she has had to be tough to survive. She was a pastor's wife for many years and has worked hard inside and outside the home. Now she is battling cancer, and is proving her residence once again. Mom—I love you! Keep on fighting. Love, Bartley.

Joan Van Koughnet

Victoria Staight

My Mom is the most unique

My Mom a Mother cane from England 1925
She grew up in the great depression
Got married had 3 children of her own
Then fostered 99 children in a span of 40 years.

We moved to the farm close to Orangville
I grew up with a Mother that loved nature, and a animal lover 

We had a wood stove and up to the age of 78 years of age she cut eight quard of wood for the fire place.
Looked after 50 head of cattle, 20 show horses. We changed over to 5000 rabbits, several animals
Built a barn

An amazing cook, Mother,
I miss her dearly


Rob Wood

Closest Example of Christ's Unconditional Love

Whether you were part of her direct family, close or distant relative, neighbour, co-worker, brother or sister in Christ, friend, foe, stranger on the street....she never thought or uttered a negative opinion or perspective of ANYONE, and loved them without ceasing or hesitation

Julia Tarcisius

Eli, Evelyn, Pritha Tarcisius

Most Adventurous Mom Ever!

Our mom doesn't shy away from adventure, and will do crazy things for those she loves! Including going to the other side of the world for them! We love you, Mom!

Kerry Bunney

Emily Bunney

Most Caring Mom

My mom deserves this award because she is always looking out for other people, and especially her kids. She is kind and she is really good at showing us how to follow Jesus and spread His love to everyone. She does so much for our family and she doesn’t ask for anything in return. I love her so much!!

Kim Bentley

Tyler Bentley

Most caring mom

She always is writing nice notes to me on our family board. she leaves notes in my lunches sometimes and overall is always putting me and my dad above her own needs.

Kim Colley (pronounced Call-ee)

Raeshell Weir

Most loving and caring mother

My Mom is awesome! She has traveled from Halifax to  GTA to support me in a number of major challenges. Even though distance keeps us apart, her love and supports is unwavering.

Kim Wilson

Rachel Ayala

Most Attentive and Loving Mom and Grandma Award

Although Kim lives miles and miles away, her heart is with her daughter, son-in-law, and grand-babies (as she calls them) in Milton. Every time she comes for a visit, she already has planned the next time she will return. She lives for the moments to see them again. In the meantime, she spends her time pouring over her garden surrounded by the great outdoors.

Laura Wolf-Powell

Charlotte Powell

i would like to nominate my mum Laura Wolf-Powell for the best hug award. we always have cuddle time before bed. when im sad she always hugs me to cheer me up. when i mad she hugs me. she hugs me every morning and its the best way to wake up.

Laura Wolf-Powell

Ryan Powell

i would like to nominate my mum for the best tickler award.mum always tickles me by surprise. she always asks for a hug when im sad and then tickles me like crazy. its so much fun and mum always knows when to surprise me. i love my mum.

Lisa Jones

Kalysta, Keelin, and Sera Song

Best Encourager

She encourages and supports us in everything that we do. To do our best, to persevere, and never give up on ourselves.

Lynn Freedman

Jennifer Freedman

Best Friend Award

My Mother has not only been there for me as a mom, but has also been my best friend from day one. Having her as my mother and my best friend has created an incredible bond between us.  I could not have made it through my life without her immense love, support and understanding. I can always count on her to be there no matter what.

Maggy Laton

Dakota Gorin

Best dorm mother

She organizes meals and helps with everything we need

Maggy Laton

Elizabeth Reda

Best Dorm Mom

She got 10 kids dropped in her lap all at once, and has done the best job taking care of all of us and working her full-time job at the same time! We love her!!

Maggy Laton (dorm mother)


Hardest working

She keeps the house running even though she has ten crazy students to be the dorm mother for.

Maggy Sawatsky


Most patient

She had to deal with me

Maggy Sawatsky

Jaël Samson

Best non-biological mom

For taking care of 10 young adults who all have different unique personalities and for being an awesome non biological mom.

Maria Macias


Best at taking care of everyone with a smile on her face!

Long award I know LOL but she works so hard and always tries her best to make sure all her kids and her husband are doing well! We have lots of love for her!!

- Nicky, Josh, Jari, Junior

Mary Bigford

Nathan, Jen, Isaiah, Micah Bryant and Donna Marsala

SUPER Auntie

Ever since we had been in quarantine, my Aunt Mary has been fearlessly and willingly taking care of our needs. She is our hero and we are very grateful for her and how she is loving us.

Mary Bigford (my sister)

Donna Marsala

A loving Mom and dear to everyone

She's a single mom and she has done a Great job, providing for her Son through all these years, after all the hard times she pulled it off. Love you Sis

Melanie D

Sandra Paton

Mama Bear Award

I am nominating my daughter for a mom award.  She deserves the mama bear award because she is fierce! She would lay down her life for her kids, and is sacrificial, always putting their needs ahead of her own. She teaches them how to value the family, and to love God and be good to others. I am honoured to be her mom.

Michelle LeRoy

Alyssa LeRoy

The Most Compassionate Mom

Our Mom is the most compassionate person we know. It is her nature to give and find ways to love, support and help those around her. We will often find her in the middle of a project, task or on her way out the door to do something above and beyond for someone else, whether she knows them or not. Our childhood memories were filled with our Mom being the neighborhood go-to, she always had a full backyard of kids, fed them, took care of them and never asked any questions, she was the Mom everyone loved. Our holidays were always about how we could help those around us, and it became an integral part of how we were raised. There are many instances where our Mom demonstrated compassion throughout  her life but these are some moments that stuck with us.

After thirteen years as a stay at home Mom, she went into the work force as a realtor. I remember one night overhearing how my Mom paid for families home inspections when they couldn’t afford it, because she rather them go into a safe home than worry about how much money she would take home. It was just not done in the industry. Unless you were our Mom... and that was just one of the many compassionate “unusual” things she did.

When she started out in her spiritual coaching practice, I (Alyssa) remember when she hosted free community nights for parents, teens and those who were struggling. Everything was out of pocket (the rent, food etc.), and at the time we were struggling as a family, but my Mom never used that as a reason not to give. People came from all over, and always spoke so highly of these spaces she created just out of pure love and compassion for others. To this day she supports some of the most struggling youth and adults.

Recently our Mom has been actively volunteering in her community with children, and families through the Caledon Parent-Child Centre. Sometimes she doesn’t get home until 9pm at night, and is gone all day (while still running two business in addition to volunteering). She never complains and she is always filled with joy. She never says no or turns down the opportunity to help, she will squeeze it into her very busy schedule when most would just view it as volunteer work and easy to put aside for another day.

If anyone needed anything my Mom is the go-to, she doesn’t judge, ridicule or make someone feel badly about needing help. She opens her arms, gives more than she can, and spreads compassion.

This is a quote that reminds us of our Mom

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
Fred Rogers

Our Mom is the helper. You’ll always see her doing just that.

She deserves every award, but this one speaks volumes of who she is, and I know she would be humbled to receive it because that’s just her nature.

From her three children,
Alyssa, Tristen and Justin

MJ (not my mother)

John Marsala

Giver of life

Totally unselfish, life-giving decision she made to donate one of her kidneys to me.

MJ Cochrane

Carter Cochrane

The "Personal Interest" award

For listening, exploring, and engaging with whatever is important to me

The "Kind-Hearted Gift Giver" award

For regularly thinking of others and finding ways to celebrate them personally

The "Most-Likely to Find a Deal" award

For constantly finding creative ways to shop and spend less at the same time

MJ Cochrane

Jennifer Bryant


I nominate MJ for being the BEST GIVER. She is the giver of a second chance at life for my brother by giving her kidney, she gives blood, she gives us amazing food, she gives us toilet paper wrapped with a bow and last but not least, she gives me her friendship.

Myriam Fugere

Denise Gervais

First mom I think of every Mother’s Day

6 kids!!!!!! Just love her to bits

Nadine Henry

Deandra Henry

Always Doing the MOST

My mom is the type of person that will go above and beyond in everything single thing. So if we're planning a family dinner it'll be the most exotic festive, there are planning and menus and invite cards...the works or if its a family vacation, there's a whole itinerary with the most exciting adventures. And this bleeds into when I ask for help, if I call and ask for anything, she's giving me the shirt off her back and if I'm asking for advice she'll give advice about that specific thing and about 10 other things. It's fantastic. She's always doing the MOST

October Bell

The Gooding Boys

Best Butter Chicken Ever

I have tasted many a butter chicken. Occi's is in a league of its own.

Olive Brooks

Donna Brooks

Loving all her Children the Same

My Mother was a Godly Woman, every time I would call her about an issue, she would always say a prayer. Either during or at the end of our conversation.

Rachel Ayala

Sofía and Eric Ayala

The most loving, patient and kind hearted

Because she does!!  Eric here

Raeshell Weir

Austin Weir, Anissa Weir, Arianna Weir, Warren Weir

Best Cook Award

Austin - She is always give me yogurt drinks, She loves me because she always put on Power Rangers on TV for me, I love her because she always plays with me.

Anissa - She always takes care of me and is always there for me. She makes the best sandwiches in the world.

Arianna - She is an mazing mother because she is there for me when I need her. She is a great cook and has a beautiful smile.

Warren - Her cooking beats going to any restaurant

Rebecca Russell

Rachael, Alana, Emily & John Russell

Best Mum Vocabulary

Our Mum is ALWAYS making up new words for things...LIKE: squidgel, (to move a mop back and forth quickly), bodgy (small and cute, huggable). We love her (usually accidental) creative words that make us all laugh...and love her even more! She's the best mom ever! 🙂

Renate Barnard

Michael Barnard

Nicest Mom

Hmm, she is nice and lets us have a bunch of candy.

Renate Barnard

Katelyn Barnard

Awesomest Mom

Because she is really nice and she helps us with homework.

Renate Barnard

Celia Barnard

Funniest mom

Because sometimes she makes very good jokes.

Rhoda Wolf

Laura Wolf-Powell

There's not any award that I could nominate my mum for because the list would be too long. So for this mothers day I want to nominate Rhoda Wolf for the ALL mum award. By this I mean to say to you mum that I love you. You do so much for our family. You are the best wife, mother, mother in law and nana that this family could ask for. You are there when I have to make "grown up" decisions but dont want to. You are there when the grand kids need you and make them laugh all the time. We love you so much! 

Laura, Jeff, Ryan and Charlotte.

Ruth Bigford

Mary Bigford

The Sacrificial Hardship Award

My mother had a hard life. Being a single mom of 8 kids wasn't easy. 2 died when I was 11, but still 6 kids was very hard. We might not have had enough of anything for everyone, but she tried her best to keep a roof over our head, food on the table...(well her idea of food anyway), and kept us all together.  Being a mom myself I can understand now the sacrifices she made for all of us. I just want to remember and recognize her for that now.

Ruth Bigford (She has passed away)

Donna Marsala


My Mom did her best to keep 8 of us kids together, even in really hard times. Thanks MOM from all of us!

Sandra McDonald

Delia McDonald

The Gleeful Giver Award

Mom is always thinking of others and using her talents to bless them. Mainly known for her cooking and baking skills she never hesitates to get out the pots, pans and cookie sheets when someone comes to mind to be blessed. I say gleeful giver as well because she gets so much joy out of making goodies. She will be dancing to her cooking playlist as she preps something super yummy.

She also loves to give her time Sunday mornings on the set up team, having fun with her teammates getting everything ready.  Never expecting anything in return she just feels fulfilled giving her time, talent and treasure to bless others.

I am proud to have her as my mom and I wish I loved cooking and baking as much as she does.

Sandra McDonald

Julia Parish

"YaMAMAha" aka: Coolest Mom on a Motorcycle

My Mama rides a shiny red and black Yamaha V Star 650. She is definitely the coolest biker mom! She's got the boots, jacket, gloves and shades. I would NOT be embarrassed if she picked me up from school on a motorcycle!!! 🙂

Sarah Fulford

Henry, Iver, Gloria, Elgin

Best Mommy Ever Trophy

Because she is so committed to training these 4 kiddos up in the Truth and teaching them to know God and rely on him only. They will be well equipped to spread the Good News of Jesus because of her faith

Sarah Fulford

Lariza Shea

Love for a Stranger's Baby Award

Sarah is not my mom, I'm actually old enough to be her mom. Last year when she heard of my niece having a baby in secret and abandoned her at the hospital, Sarah heard God's call to pray without ceasing for her and the baby. Sarah opened her heart to offer her own arms, home and family for this baby. Without a second thought, this amazing, God-loving mom of 4 babies herself was willing to love and raise a Stranger's unwanted baby as her own. Such a Mom! Special Recognition to all those moms that are fostering or raising adopted children, God Bless them!

Sarah Fulford

Emily Allison


Sarah Fulford is absolutely killing it at being a mom and therefore is my Mother's Day #momgoals. She is both honest about the challenges of motherhood, while so evidently taking so much joy in her kids and being with them. We've also had her kids in Renew Kids and they are so delightful and a testament to the long hours of love, patience and instruction that she puts into each day. You are awesome Sarah!!

Sarah Sawatsky

Maggy & Kevin Laton, + GCBI Kids

Best Grocery Shopper Award

Grocery shopping for people in need, and the entire GCBI house for 5 weeks during a pandemic! Waiting in long lines, getting us all the supplies we need. Real MVP.

Sarah Sawatsky

Emma Sawatsky

The cleanest counter award

No mom or cleaner or anyone for that matter quite understands what a real clean counter looks Like, and more importantly feels like. You can count on my mom to come home from a long night or even day of work to her hands smothered all over the surface of any counter that her eyes meet, to find that someone, a selfish child, left a grain of salt to sit alone on the counter after dinner. Rather than letting the grain go, out comes the all purpose cleaner, maybe bleach, and some baking soda to make sure that the counter rests shiny clean. If you ever sit at our island countertop and have a coffee with my mom, try to notice where her hands are, they are most likely Vigorously, yet quietly, caressing the counter tops for anything fun to clean up!

Sarah Sawatsky

Jakob Sawatsky


She’s very involved with surrounding neighbours. Whether it’s talking with other dog owners, strangers in the park, encouraging us to say hi to the other families on the block or baking the next door neighbour a batch of cinnamon buns. She is very kind and familiar with the people who live around us.

Sharon Adams

Melissa Adams

Supportive Mom

My mother is behind every accomplishment in my life, forcing me out of bed to seize the opportunity. I don’t know where I would be without this amazing woman to motivate me.

Sharon Thomson

Ashley Thomas

Best at Making Holidays Special

My mom has always found a way to make all of the holidays special!

Whether it be New Year's, Valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas... if there was a reason to celebrate (and even some times when there wasn't) she found a way to make it memorable! She works hard thinking about different ways to celebrate each holiday, then pulls all-nighters to make it all happen.

Growing up, my siblings and I would go to bed on a very normal night and wake up the next morning to a day filled with decorations and fun memories! We would get love notes and cards, special surprises in our lunch bags at school, she'd make us special meals, plan themed crafts, sometimes included gifts and usually involved way too many treats! Take Valentine's Day, for example, we'd wake up to heart shaped notes on our bedroom mirrors, the bathroom mirror would have hearts on it, valentine's day baskets sitting on the coffee table, she'd make cinnamon buns in the shape of a heart for breakfast, cut our lunch sandwiches into hearts, include a card or love note in our lunch box and make heart shaped pancakes for dinner.

Even though we're all grown up and have families of our own now, those special acts of love have never ceased. In fact, she's carried on a lot of those traditions to our families.We still wake up to fancy homemade chocolate covered strawberries and Valentine's day baskets for all of us, sitting on our front porch first thing in the morning. (She would have dropped them off before the sun even rose, so that she wouldn't miss a beat in her busy work day.)

Even during this life of quarantine and self isolation, she's found ways to make birthdays and Easter, extra special!

My mom could easily win most awards out there but I wanted her to know how much her efforts have always meant to me and honour her with this unique award. If I could give my kids half of the memories my mom has created for us, I'd have some very lucky children!

Thanks for the memories, Mom!
Love you!

Shelley Pepin

Tristan and Hayden NG

Best Cuddles

Cuddles and Tells me stories
Cuddles and kisses me
Cuddles and makes me happy if I’m crying

Sherin Jacob

Rebecca and Olivia

The Most Loving and Kind Mom

I love my mom because she is the kindest - she does a lot for us unselfishly.

Sherry Pepin

Laurie Scheelar

Best Mother In-law

I have been a part of Sherry’s family now for over 20 years and have spent more time being part of her family than with my own.  She welcomed me from the very beginning even though I joined in perhaps an unconventional way.    She has been there to help each time I brought one of my children home from the hospital to give them their first baths, to dropping everything  to do an  emergency daycare pick up, trips to the er or just to borrow random items during  social distancing(like cake pans and plain yogurt ). 

Her Kindness, guidance, support  and virtually hand holding as I navigated the passing of my father a few years ago is something that I will be forever grateful for and speaks so much of how unselfish she is when it comes to her family   

Her and Serge are one of our favourite vacation companions and she is an amazing grandmother to my 3 beautiful daughters and I am counting down the days they can all go over for a sleep over.

Happy Mother’s Day Sherry! I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated

Simona Oltean

Lavinia Oltean

Best baker

My mom bakes the ABSOLUTE BEST Romanian cakes, pies, baked goods! Every new cake she makes becomes the new favourite in our family!

Stephanie Hounsell

Lily and Ivy Hounsell

Best Renew Milton Singing Mom, in a non-pastor's wife role

Stephanie is a beautiful singer and loves using her talent to worshiping the Lord Sunday mornings. She is the heart of our family and a wonderful teacher and example to our girls of how to follow Christ.



Madison Hardy

Best cook

She makes the best food ever.   And if she owned a restaurant I would go every day.

Suzanne Hardy

William Hardy

Funniest mom

My mom is good a laugher and tells funny jokes. She's a comedian but she always laughs at me being silly especially when I SMACK MY BUM

Suzanne Hardy

Geoffrey Hardy

Most caring

My mom is very caring and tough. She also makes great pancakes!

Suzanne Hardy

Bret Hardy

Most compassionate

My mom always puts others first is very hard working and loving

Torrie McIntyre

Lina Kohli

Most likely to be able to “throw something together” even after a busy week

Torrie has always been to “throw a little something together “ for dinner amidst her children’s busy, hectic schedules!! And it’s always been a yummy meal!!!

Valerie Bauman

Annaka Bauman with Edith, Emberlynn, and Bennett

My mom is the best baking and cake making mom in the world!

My mom makes a lot of cakes for people.  Birthday cakes.  Wedding cakes. Unicorn cakes. Hulk cakes. Smash cakes. Cinnamon buns. Cupcakes. Cake pops. Its why my dad needs to go to the gym.