Haiti Mission Trip

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October 10-17, 2019

We have an opportunity to make our Haiti trip (which had to be postponed back in February) happen in October! The travel risk to Haiti has been decreased and Breathe Partners has already had a few teams come in the last month. We would be targeting the same community in Cannon, where we are looking to develop a long term relationship.

The goal for our mission trips is to continually improve the life and well-being of the communities we visit. So far we have helped build school and church facilities and provided much-needed supplies. We financially support school teachers and a pastor and have begun a child-sponsorship program to ensure that children will receive proper nutrition and a good education. As partners with Breathe Partners, we are also helping eradicate malnutrition through the Moringa Project.

This trip is being led by Mayfield West Campus Pastor, Wade Rininger. If you are interested in joining the trip, please let him know asap:

Contact Wade